Department of Radio-diagnosis

The department from its inception, continues to play an important in the overall healthcare and academic activities of the institute.

The department undertakes the teaching and learning activities for at both undergraduate and postgraduate level in all aspects of radiology.
The departments’ equipment include:

-    MRI: 1.5T MRI (GE Brivo MR 355): One
-    CT Scan(16 Slices): One 
-    Mammography Machine: One
-    C-Arm: Two
-    Ultrasound Machine (Grey scale): Four
-    Ultrasound Machines with Colour Doppler: Three
-    DSA: One

Number of static X-Ray machines with capacity:
-    800mA with motorized table and IITV & Fluoroscopy - One
-    500 mA with motorized table- Two
-    300 mA- Two
Number of mobile X-Ray machines with capacity:
-    100 mA- Two
-    60 mA- Two
-    30 mA- One