Department of Anatomy

The department of Anatomy is located on the ground floor of the college building. Each academic year, the department welcomes 100 undergraduate students and 2 postgraduate students.

The teaching faculty of the department comprises learned personalities in the field of Anatomy. The teachers work in concord to bring about an excellent teaching environment at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Adequate teacher-student relationship is maintained. We focus on learning interactively among teachers and students to improve the teaching-learning process. 

Postgraduate teaching programmes are held round the year. An outstanding array of books are available for teachers and students. Among other facilities, the department has printing, scanning, audio visual and internet.

The histology laboratory is well-equipped with a large number of light microscopes,binocular microscopes with external display connectivity. A large collection of histology charts are displayed on the walls of this laboratory which the students find very useful during practical and demonstration classes.

A separate research laboratory is used solely by the postgraduate students where histological procedures are demonstrated to the postgraduate students by the teachers. Postgraduate students do their research work for thesis writing in this laboratory.
The department has a well-designed dissection hall. The department takes care in meticulously embalming and storing the cadavers. The cadavers are stored in stainless steel tanks containing preservative fluid prepared from double filtered water. An articulated skeleton is always present during dissection classes. 

The department takes immense pride in possessing an impressive museum.The museum contains articulated human skeletons, anatomical specimens and models, a fine collection of embryological specimens with birth defects anda well-stacked collection of bones.