Prof. (Dr.) Akhilesh Kumar


Al-Karim University, Katihar

MBA & PhD 


Vice-Chancellor’s Message



Our Strength ----- Diversity and Inclusion.

Sensibly ----- The best comparable for skills and application Oriented Learning.

Al-Karim University depends, at its core, on the liberal, free and open exchange of ideas in a culture of mutual respect. It also depends on participation and inclusion of people of all backgrounds, races, genders, religious, ideologies and processes of thinking.

In Academics and Research, many of our important learnings, come from hearing and respecting diverse perspectives. It is crucial to have our opinions challenged and to be confronted with views other than our own. Whether in Medical Science, Pharmacy, Computer Science, Management and other related programme, the passionate participants/students prepare to be Leaders & effective citizens of 21st century.

Hence it is essential to navigate difference in experience and to gain an appreciation of the value of diverse fields & prospective, integrated to Society, Humans, Business and Governance.

At Al-Karim University, we seek to pay particular attention to the needs of historically marginalized communities. Situated in the Rural/Semi Urban area, Al-Karim University, values diversity as empowering characteristic of 21st century.

In the wider academic competition, our University practices inclusion as the prime focus of supportive and continuous focus. We believe in Digitally Controlled academia, research, Resource Management, Library & Intellectual Capital. Hence we seek together to create a society of fairness, characters and integrity.

Welcome to be the part of commendable learning and brighter future. We will help you to raise & rise on the ladders of career.

On behalf of the Al-Karim University, Governing Body, Visitor and Chancellor, wish you all a bright future. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Prof. (Dr.) Akhilesh Kumar

                                                                                                                        Vice Chancellor

                                                                                                            Al-Karim University, Katihar


Significant Areas - Manufacturing and Operations, Energy & power, Solar & thermal energy, Projects & consultancy, Telecom & electronics, Microwave systems and telecom projects, New business creations, Strategy & transformation.

Objective - Global visibility and Increasing brand value.

Significant Achievements: Dr. Akhilesh Kumar, apart from academic endeavors, also worked along with Father of Modern Management, 

PETER DRUCKER, on a Research work for Improving the U S Economy during the period of Ronald Reagan in Early eighties as junior research scholar.

Introduced the System of - Intelligent Monitoring, for corporate sectors, Organizations in Mfg. & services, Projects and consultancy, Research & innovation, including governance.

Introduced first time - the Objective profiling and preparation in any stream, must be done on the basis of Data collected by groups of persons from external sources by researching the specific needs of futuristic base, which will be parts of the future business explorations.

Got the opportunity to teach and share the knowledge at Harvard Business School, for Part time classes of Executive Management Program.

Dr. Akhilesh Kumar has participated in various conferences and seminars of national and international repute. His strength span across in the areas of Strategic management, Management of Technology, Team Building, Top Management & governance, and Leadership.

Dr. Akhilesh Kumar in his service span of 36 years has been conferred various awards and accolades by diverse organizations. He has been associated with the organizations of repute such as MIT Sloan School of Management Cambridge USA, Harvard Business School USA, XLRI Jamshedpur India, University of Stirling Scotland, University of Huddersfield UK and University of Connecticut USA.

His visionary outlook, outstanding leadership and passion for education have resulted in him being part of multiple committees in various institutions. He has 17 International Papers and 3 National Papers to his credit. Dr. Kumar had also been associated in Manufacturing, operations, strategy on senior positions and worked with companies like Intel Corporation USA, Northern Radio Corporation USA and British Telecom London. In addition to his academic accomplishments, professionally he had been actively involved with MDPs, FDPs, AMPs, etc. for corporate. One of the most notable aspects of Dr. Kumar is he had always been connected to students community, culture and society by his role and work in Manufacturing & Operations, Research, Strategic Management, Use of Technology, Innovation in products & services, Academics, Team Building and Leadership.


Dr. Akhilesh Kumar has a vision to build a premier knowledge driven organization/ Institution in India which is of global standard. He wishes to take research to heights by educating leaders of the future. He has a vision to promote global competitiveness by providing multiple opportunities for excellent education, applied research, innovation and service to humanity.

To establish value creating networks and linkages with corporate, industries, educational institutes and universities of National and International importance. To leverage the intellectual capital through research activities and creating knowledge integration platforms in India and abroad.

He wishes to synergize activities and institutions through knowledge sharing, industry- academia interface, managers and executives leadership programs. He aspires to instill the right attitude, values and vision that will prepare the staff for lifetime of continuous learning and leadership in their chosen careers.

He believes in products success, lifelong learning, respect, integrity, trust, honesty and ethical behavior. He vouches for continuous quality improvement and overall excellence.


He visualizes standard of business performance that builds sustainable impact in the respective industrial/ Academic segment. The strategy ensures sufficient interaction with industry and research hubs to prepare products design for successful quality parameters in industrial competitiveness, government's authenticity and markets expand ability. The operations should not only get to specialize in their core disciplines, but also get a chance to explore variety in new products developments and new business creations. He believes in the practices of "CREATIVITY, INNOVATION AND LEADERSHIP". Hence the organization should be uniquely qualified on strategic fronts to value the Technology, Time, Operations, and Financial aspects to maintain leadership and sustain ability.