Support for the differently abled

Right to quality education is for all

We believe that every individual has the right to quality education and nothing should hinder one from availing it, and therefore we provide a range of support services to support you during your time at the university.

We endeavour to provide inclusive services to our staff and students with the following aim in mind:

  • admit them without discrimination and provide education and opportunities for sports and recreation activities equally with others;
  • make building, campus and various facilities accessible;
  • provide reasonable accommodation according to the individual’s requirements;
  • provide necessary support individualised or otherwise in environments that maximise academic and social development consistent with the goal of full inclusion;
  • ensure that the education to persons who are blind or deaf or both is imparted in the most appropriate languages and modes and means of communication;
  • detect specific learning disabilities in children at the earliest and take suitable pedagogical and other measures to overcome them;
  • monitor participation, progress in terms of attainment levels and completion of education in respect of every student with disability;
  • provide transportation facilities to the children with disabilities and also the attendant of the children with disabilities having high support needs.