Department of Biochemistry

Biochemistry is one of the three subjects covered in the First professional M.B.B.S. course.

The syllabus for the undergraduate course is spread over two semesters of six-month duration.The postgraduate course in biochemistry is covered in three years leading to the M.D. (Biochemistry) degree and runs as per MCI guidelines for postgraduate courses.

The department has adequate space for running all types of teaching, research activities & biochemical investigation of patients. The department is provided with audio-visuals and internet for research purposes and is freely available to postgraduate students.

An undergraduate laboratory is available for the first professional M.B.B.S. students connected with two rooms for the preparation and storage of reagents.
The department carries out all routine and specialized tests in the clinical biochemistry laboratory attached to the College Central Laboratory. Some specialized tests including hormone assay are done in their respective laboratories of the department.

Apart from regular teaching-learning activities and research for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, the postgraduate students have to participate in intradepartmental and inter-departmental seminars, journal reviews, and group discussions, and they also participate in undergraduate teaching activities.

The department of biochemistry has also been running many research projects specially in the field of Diabetes, Ageing, Thyroid function, cancer, Cardiovascular disorder and renal problems.