Research in Radio-diagnosis

The department undertakes the teaching and learning activities for at both undergraduate and postgraduate level in all aspects of radiology.

The departments’ equipment include:


  • MRI: 1.5T MRI (GE Brivo MR 355): One
  • CT Scan(16 Slices): One
  • Mammography Machine: One
  • C-Arm: Two
  • Ultrasound Machine (Grey scale): Four
  • Ultrasound Machines with Colour Doppler: Three
  • DSA: One


Number of static X-Ray machines with capacity:

  • 800mA with motorized table and IITV & Fluoroscopy - One
  • 500 mA with motorized table- Two
  • 300 mA- Two

Number of mobile X-Ray machines with capacity:

  • 100 mA- Two
  • 60 mA- Two
  • 30 mA- One