Welcome to Al-Karim University



(VC, AL-Karim University)


I am grateful to the Governing Body as well as the Chancellor of Al-Karim University, Katihar, established under Bihar Private Universities Act, 2013, to have given me opportunity to serve this University as its first Vice-Chancellor. Establishment of a University in this area of Bihar, which has long languished in almost all fronts,was the crying need and I shall see that the University fulfils the requirements and dreams of not only this area but the entire state and becomes catalytic in transforming the lives of thousands and thousands of people through excellence in teaching, research, service and community development. And gradually, it would be seen that Al-Karim University becomes a world-class University that nurtures talent and upholds the commitment to shaping lives through scholarly teaching and learning and that which contributes to an equitable and holistic transformation of society at large. However, it would be ensured that while craving for excellence the values essential for humanistic and ethical environment are not lost and critical and scientific approach is emphasized as of paramount significance.