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The School of Paramedical Sciences has a long-standing reputation as a leader in education, research, and clinical practice along with the 32 years of dignified trust in Al-Karim University. Paramedics, as the name suggests, walk in the parallel lines with medical and health treatment. It supports and complements the process of medications, thereby forming an essential part of pre-post hospital emergency services, providing medical and trauma care.

To practice efficient Paramedics, it is integral to have a strong presence of mind based on the theoretical and practical perspectives to take correct decisions in case of medical emergencies. Spinal injury management, fracture management, obstetrics, management of burns and assessment, evaluation of general incidents and the knowledge of Forensic sciences are some of the key expertise that a paramedic practitioner must-have.

Along with this expertise, a person working in the field of Para - Medicine must also have a sound knowledge of medical technology. This may include being well-versed with medical equipment and their maintenance, radio operating procedures and emergency vehicle operation.

The School of Paramedical Sciences at Al-Karim University, Katihar conducts specialized training in four disciplines by world-class Professors:

  •  Bachelorsin Radiology & Imaging Technology (B.R.I.T) - 41/2 Years
  •  Bachelors in Operation Theatre Technology (B.O.T.T) - 41/2 Years
  •  Bachelors in Medical Laboratory Technology (B.M.L.T) - 41/2 Years
  •  Bachelors in Optometry (B. Opt.) - 41/2 Years

After having completed the discipline of choice from the school of Paramedics, students may find ample opportunities to work in both private and government hospitals, private clinics and other health centres.

Forensic lab technicians, radiography technicians, radiologists, physiotherapists, dialysis therapists, emergency technicians, emergency care practitioners, perfusion technicians, cardiac technicians, respiratory therapists, speech therapists and audiologists are some of the many areas that Paramedics graduates can look at for building a career.


The School of Physiotherapy has a long-standing reputation as the best institute of Physiotherapy in Bihar in terms of education, research, and clinical practice along with the 32 years of dignified trust in Al-Karim University.

Physiotherapy is an integral component of modern science that involves drugless therapy and plays a crucial role in medical rehabilitation and prevention of the physically handicapped. It is a dynamic and undoubtedly a much-demanded profession in the contemporary world that welcomes all the modern techniques and scientific procedures of cure and prevention for the handicapped.

At Al-Karim University, Katihar's School of Physiotherapy, a core emphasis is placed on the development of practical skills and treatment techniques built on sound theoretical and research base. After successful completion of 41/2 months training programme in the Bachelors of Physiotherapy at one of the top institutes of paramedical sciences in India, students will get ample opportunity to practice a fruitful career in both the Government and Private Hospitals.

Fitness centre, Rehabilitation centre, Healthcare centre, the Teaching profession, Ergonomic advisor in schools and independent practice of a Physiotherapist are some of the major areas that candidates can look forward to as their career options.